About us

Bistric Carwash & Bistric Carwash & Detailing was created from scratch with the aim of providing all services from basic washing to detailing under one roof. Its uniqueness begins with a beautiful green area. We have invested in the latest water treatment technologies, valuing the environment.

High-end equipment

In our area, we have 4 chargers for electric vehicles. The entire carwash center is equipped with a camera security system and a security service to ensure that your vehicles are always protected.

We have modern lifts from the company Homola, which are embedded in the floor and allow us to lift any vehicle from a Formula car to an SUV. In our premises, there is an exclusive vehicle handover room after detailing where I plan to exhibit interesting vehicles with a monthly exchange cycle. In the outdoor area, we have a pre-wash machine and professional high-pressure chassis cleaning from the company Karcher. Our large space for car manipulation allows us to undertake projects that require an extended period.


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Our detailing center

Our team

Peter Šumichrast

Peter, as a car lover who built his career as a technology salesman, participated in the project as an investor. As a lover of good food and wine, he has opened a family restaurant Bistric Restaurant in the common area Bistric Restaurant

Michal Seman

As a car lover, Michal has been involved in car washing and detailing for over 15 years, thanks to this experience he became the head of operations. Thanks to his experience, we have been able to achieve the high status of “Prime Studio” with one of the highest quality chemistries in the Gyeon market.


We believe that good food will always find its place. It is enough if we build it on honest foundations. We are trying a new format of an honest restaurant. We borrow local traditions from Záhorie region, we are not afraid of often laborious manual work, home production and simple ingredients seasoned with culinary art. We perceive food as a cultural phenomenon that unites not only families, but also strangers. We don’t act, we don’t play with the stars, we are looking for the very essence of good food and the time spent with it. Tradition and a good name are being built for a long time, and we are also embarking on a business that is supposed to be a good neighbour and responsible breadwinner. We are a family restaurant in Záhorie region. We are Bistric Restaurant.

Summer Package​

Summer Package

  • dôkladné vyčistenie exteriéru
  • vystriekanie podvozku na tlakovom rošte
  • chemická dekontaminácia laku
  • odmastnenie
  • voskovanie tuhým voskom Gyeon
  • základné čistenie interiéru
  • tekuté stierače na čelné sklo
  • doplnenie letnej zmesi do ostrekovačov
  • prevoňanie interiéru
  •  cena 250 eur
  • akciová cena 170 EUR