Regular vehicle washing brings a good feeling of a clean vehicle, a healthier environment, and, last but not least, a longer-lasting condition of a new vehicle. A regularly maintained vehicle not only looks good but, thanks to taking care of it, its lifespan is also extended.

List of services

Exterior cleaning

Rinse + active foam + wheel rim cleaning + shampoo wash using the two-bucket method + blowing water from gaps + wiping with a microfiber cloth + cleaning the exterior of the windows + tire impregnation.

30  €

Interior cleaning

Complete vacuuming + cleaning of carpets + cleaning and treating interior plastics + cleaning interior windows.

35  €

Complete Budget

Exterior and interior washing + wiping door frames.

55  €

Complete Standard

Complete Budget + deep cleaning of seats, door fillings, luggage space, carpets, and ceiling (cleaning and leather impregnation in the case of a leather interior).

130  €

Complete Premium

Detailed exterior and interior cleaning + blowing dust from gaps + cleaning with Tornador cleaning tool + complete deep cleaning of the vehicle + cleaning the engine compartment + undercarriage spraying + chemical decontamination of the paint and degreasing.

220  €

SiO ceramic nano coating

Exterior cleaning + chemical decontamination of the paint + degreasing of the paint + application of the coating with the durability of 18 months or 20,000 km.

170  €