Regular vehicle washing brings a good feeling of a clean vehicle, a healthier environment, and, last but not least, a longer-lasting condition of a new vehicle. A regularly maintained vehicle not only looks good but, thanks to taking care of it, its lifespan is also extended.
Detailing protects not only the paint but also the interior of your vehicle, preserving both its appearance and value. By investing in professional paint protection or detailing for the exterior and interior of your vehicle, you can keep your new vehicle in perfect condition.


About us

Bistric Carwash & Detailing was created from scratch with the aim of providing all services from basic washing to detailing under one roof. Its uniqueness begins with a beautiful green area. We have invested in the latest water treatment technologies, valuing the environment. In our area, we have 4 chargers for electric vehicles. The entire carwash center is equipped with a camera security system and a security service to ensure that your vehicles are always protected.


We have modern lifts from the company Homola, which are embedded in the floor and allow us to lift any vehicle from a Formula car to an SUV. In our premises, there is an exclusive vehicle handover room after detailing where I plan to exhibit interesting vehicles with a monthly exchange cycle. In the outdoor area, we have a pre-wash machine and professional high-pressure chassis cleaning from the company Karcher. Our large space for car manipulation allows us to undertake projects that require an extended period.

Zimný balík

Winter Package

  • Thorough exterior wash
  • Decontamination of the paint
  • SiO Sealant with a durability of 12 months and protection for the paint in winter months
  • Liquid windshield wipers
  • Refilling high-quality Sonax winter fluid for windshield washers
  •  price 200 eur
  • promotional price 130 EUR


Photo gallery

Take a look at how our detailing center looks.