Price list

Exterior cleaning

Rinse, active foam, wheel rim cleaning, shampoo wash using the two-bucket method, blowing water from gaps, wiping with a microfiber cloth, cleaning the exterior of the windows, tire impregnation.

30  €

Basic interior cleaning

Complete vacuuming, cleaning of carpets, cleaning and treating interior plastics, cleaning interior windows.

35  €

Complet Budget

Exterior and interior washing, wiping door frames.

55  €


Price list

Full correction

3-step high-gloss polishing and removal of deeper scratches.

850 €

Ceramic Protection Standard

  • Preparation: washing, decontamination, clay, polishing.
  • Application of Gyeon ceramic paint protection with a durability of 5 years/100,000 km with proper maintenance (protects the paint from external influences, bird droppings, road salt, etc.).
  • Application on the paint and door jambs.

950  €

Ceramic Protection Premium

  • Standard Ceramic Protection + ceramic protection of wheel rims, brake calipers, lights, and vehicle glass.
  • Nano protection of seats and door panels.

1400  €

Additional services

Sealant (adds gloss and water repellency with a durability of 2 months)

15 EUR

Undercarriage pressure wash on the washing grate

15 EUR

Carpet shampooing

20 EUR

Seat removal during floor deep cleaning

30 EUR

Wheel removal

15 EUR

Headlight polishing

60 EUR 

Exterior plastic impregnation

10 EUR

Liquid windshield wipers

25 EUR

Ozone disinfection

20 EUR

Windshield washer fluid top-up

10 EUR

Exhaust tips polishing

10 EUR

Limescale removal from windows

10 EUR

Deep cleaning and leather impregnation
Complete vacuuming, deep cleaning of leather seats, door upholstery, and other leather parts of the vehicle, nano impregnation of cleaned leather, cleaning and impregnation of interior plastics, interior glass cleaning.

150 EUR

Ceramic protection of wheel rims
Cleaning of the wheel rims, preparation for the application of ceramic coating, application of ceramic protection to all 4 rims.

200 EUR

Nano protection of the front glass
Application of water-repellent windshield protection from approximately 50 km/h with a durability of about 1 year.

50 EUR

Ceramic leather protection

Basic interior cleaning, deep leather cleaning, application of ceramic protection to seats and leather interior elements, making the leather more resistant and easier to clean.

230 EUR

High-quality hard wax Gyeon
Exterior wash, chemical decontamination of the paint, degreasing of the paint, application of hard wax with extreme gloss, perfect color enhancement, and the depth of the paint with excellent water repellency.

180 EUR

Price list valid from June 1, 2023. All listed prices include VAT.